Financial Management Students become familiar with the basics of a company’s financial strategy, including risk analysis, budgeting and short -and long-term investments. Ethical issues related to financial decisions are also discussed. The course requires students to apply financial theories by working with financial assets, financial structures, and insurance underwriting.

International Finance

International financial courses introduce students to concepts in global banking, exchange rates, currency exchange and risk management. Students invest fake money in companies to learn how to manage portfolios with international funds and address issues in investing money internationally. The course usually requires an introductory course in finance as a prerequisite.

You’ll get the best courses in the market like:

  • Positional Stock Trading Strategies for Financial Markets
  • How to Analyze Multifamily Investment Opportunities
  • Financial Planning Pro (Part 1) No Beginners Allowed!
  • Excel for Financial Engineering and Loss Reserving (CM2)
  • Borrowing Costs – International Accounting Standard 23 (IAS)
  • Advanced Stock Options Trading Strategies
  • Advanced Capital Budgeting Analysis
  • Accounting for Liabilities – Estimation and Valuation

And much more!

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